A beginner's guide to slackpacking

Have you ever tried slackpacking? You should!

Slackpacking is a new way of hiking the wonderful terrains of the world! In simpler terms, Slack-Packing is an assisted way of hiking where you have a host who carries the burden of your equipment, takes care of your possessions and set up your overnight camps for you.  This is an amazing new way to travel, which allows you to focus on your hike and travel at a faster pace if needed. 

Here are a few things to note about Slack-Packing:

1. Your Host
You need a person who will be your host (carrier). Be sure that this person is of a reputable source. There are sometimes hiker and AWOL approved lists available if you want to seek out a slack-pack host. But there is a chance that a very nice person who is trail-savvy will offer to slack you. Naturally, you will want to say yes. But remember, when you hand over your pack, you are handing over your entire life. Not to mention that your gear is worth a pretty penny. Think of your host as your house sitter they will be taking care of your possession and your life.
Once you have the right host it is important to set a plan in place for your hike. Make sure you have their phone number and vice-versa. Know your host’s name, and make sure they know yours. Will you be calling them when you’re done with your hike, or will they be dropping off your things at a set location? Remember you won’t be together all day as you will be hiking and they will be setting you up at the campsite.

Don’t Take Advantage of your Host they are doing you a favor so be respectful and they will in turn respect you and your property.

Thank your Host you are paying them but be course and kind and tip your host to show your appreciation and thankfulness!

2. Your Preparation Details

So now that you have a host you need to plan and prepare for your hike. First, you need to know what you are taking along.

Know how you will pack your equipment some slack-pack hosts are kind enough to provide you with a day bag or smaller backpack for your hike. If they don’t, you’re going to have to decide how you’ll be carrying your lighter weight and how your host will be caring for you heavier weight, remember to be kind and do not over pack! And this brings us to the next point.

Know what your packing and what you need and what you don’t! Gear is obvious and the essential clothing and medical kits, and things you will need at the end of a long day of hiking.If you need a water filtration system, hiking poles, all these things should be noted when planning your slacking experience.

Your hiking trail make sure you plan this together with a tour guide operator or hiking association, your host will also be able to help you with these details. But a tour guide operator will direct you to the perfect spot and the rules & guidelines will be easy.

3. Last few details

You will be walking around feeling wonderfulYou will have barely any weight, and you will feel phenomenal. But please, don’t go around bragging about how wonderful you feel right next to someone who is clearly in pain and tired.

Just because you don’t have a full-pack doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue to practice basic trail safety. Be safe, stick to the rules and be sure to check in with your host constantly

Slacking is wonderful and can be a great experience but take note of the details, prepare & make sure you have a plan and a great host.

Enjoy slacking!!