Discover the Namibian Wine Route

You've heard about the South African wine route, but did you know about Namibia's?

Have you ever heard about a wine route crossing not one but two deserts? Well the Republic of Namibia in Southern Africa offers this unique tour! With its 3 wine farms, it covers 2 deserts and produces some of the worlds best wines. Come with us as we explore the very unique wine route of Namibia !

Start Grootfontein at the Thonningii Wine Cellar

Thonningii is a family-owned boutique wine cellar nestled in the picturesque Otavi Mountain Valley. They aim to produce natural wines that express the unique Terroir of the Otavi Mountain Valley. They produce a bold, complex white blend, a fresh and fruity Rosé as well as a spicy full-bodied Syrah. They offer a wine tasting with snacks, accompanied by a vineyard – and cellar tour. We are situated 10.8km outside of Otavi, on the left, on the B8 to Grootfontein. Please book your wine tasting tour with us in advance!

Next up Omaruru to visit the Winemakers & Distiller of Michael Weder (old Kristall Kellerei) 

In 2007 the Weder Family decided to buy the KRISTALL KELLEREI and accepted the challenge to make wine, with the special adverse conditions of a desert climate with 330 days of sunshine, from white and red wine grapes. After twelve years the result is the unique wines that display a dusty character. Wine Tour & Tasting: Guided walk through the vineyard, giving guests information on the history of Neuras and the vineyard. They will explain why they are here and how they came to be. In the wine cellar, they run guests through the whole winemaking process and explain how they make the Desert wine, Brandy and Rum. Wine tasting with cheese platter at the restaurant. 

And lastly to Neuras to visit The Neuras Vineyards.

The Neuras Wine Estate in the south is located in the foothills of the Naukluft Mountains which rims the Namib Desert, Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate is perfect for a lunch break en-route to the Sossusvlei, just 80km distant. The estate was established in 1997 and produces up to 3 000 bottles of Neuras Shiraz and Namib Red annually, with all proceeds going directly toward charitable environmental causes in the area. Apart from 3-course lunches and dinners accompanied by their unique wines, Neuras dishes up a substantial breakfast of the continental or English variety. Tours of the rustic stone, sand and wood cellar followed by a cheese and wine tasting and a dip in the sparkling pool are worthwhile activities at Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate. Once again bookings are essential!

Experiencing a wine route in a desert is one of the most unique and picturesque things you will ever do in your lifetime!