An Insider's guide to Tofo, Mozambique

Zulu Nomad founder Phakamile Hlazo shares her top 5 activities in Tofo, Mozambique

Tofo is a beautiful beach destination in Mozambique and it is also one of Zulu Nomad's founder, Phakamile Hlazo's favourite getaways. Phakamile shares her top 5 activities to do in the area with us: 

  • Searching for Whale Sharks and Dolphins on the Ocean Safari with Peri-Peri Divers

This part of Mozambique has one of the highest populations of whale sharks in the world. These are incredibly special creatures, they are actually sharks (not whales) but are completely harmless to humans and they are incredibly beautiful! I’ve done the ocean safari twice now and on both occasions we didn’t get the see the sharks – on the one occasion, the people who had gone the day before got to see and swim with the sharks, we just missed them! On the other occasion we didn’t see the sharks, but we did get to swim with a school of dolphins! In the middle of the sea! So. Much. Fun! They were playing around, twirling and stuff, like how they do in the movies lol, super cute! Definitely give the ocean safari a go when in Tofo.

  • Quad Biking

Another absolute must! If you’ve been quad biking in Mozambique before, you will know what a treat this is. The difference with quad biking in Tofo is that you actually get to see the modest villages that the locals call home – as opposed to just the resorts and fancy accommodation along the beach. As you ride through the palm and trees and over sand dunes you will come across the cutest little kids all wanting to “hi 5” you as you ride past. You can sign up for the 2 hour quad bike tours at Flamingo Resort in Barra Beach (a bit far if you’re staying on Tofo beach and don’t have a car – totally worth it though).

  • Kayaking on the bay  

This is another tour which you can do through Flamingo Resort, and it’s also a 2 hour tour. The guides are really informed about the mangroves (you don’t realise how much is actually going on in the bay until you kayak through it with a guide. This is not only a beautiful experience, it’s also quite educational e.g. we learned of some natural remedies that the locals use against malaria). Go kayaking in the afternoon to catch the magnificent sunset over the bay.

  • Check out the Tofo Market for Fabric

I’ll be honest, in terms of fabric shopping in Mozambique, the Xai-Xai market takes the cup for a) the number of stalls/shops selling fabric, and b) the variety you can get; however, the merchants in Tofo have some great options as well. The guys will come rushing to you as soon as they see you, just be polite and let them know you’re still looking, take your time, don’t be put off by them being all up in your face, it’s part of the experience (this is their only means of income, you’re buying fabric at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for it in SA – it’s totally worth being followed around and “pestered” for a few minutes – also if you’ve been to Thailand you will know that this is completely normal in tourist destinations like this one). We found these awesome backpacks, I paid +- R150 for mine (750 mtc).


Unless you’re allergic, you cannot leave Tofo without trying the crayfish! (This goes down especially well after the ocean safari. The market and restaurants are only down the dune from Peri-Peri Divers, and trust me, by the time you’re done with the safari you’re thirsty and hungry! Not only is the seafood delicious here, it is also super affordable – the crayfish will set you back maybe R200, we get it for +- R150. #ballin’

Check out Tofo and don’t just sit on the beach (the beaches are amazing, but Tofo has so much more to offer).

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