Top 5 adventure experiences in Victoria Falls

Our selection of top things to do in Victoria Falls

So you’re an adventure junky and looking for the ultimate experience? Well look no further than Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls is not only one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but a little know fast it is also Africa’s adventure capital. Here you will have your heart in your chest and your stomach more times than you can count!

  • The fight of angels Helicopter ride
    Take a helicopter flight over the Falls and up the Zambezi River. You will not find a better way to take in the beauty that is the falls and her magnificent drop!
  • Devils Pool
    Okay, this one for the faint of heart at all. The Devil’s Pool is the biggest bucket list ticket in Victoria falls. On the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls, after a boat ride to Livingstone Island, a walk over the rocks, and a swim, you get to Devil’s Pool. This swimming hole is separated from the falls 100m drop of the falls by on a ROCK yes you heard me a rock! You can sit in this whole behind this rock the river force of the river rushing past you and me watch the
    slender that is the Falls.
  • Bungee Jumping
    And if that pool wasn’t enough for you and you need another few heart rate increasers why not Bungee at the Falls. Yes, bungee! The 111m freefall jump of the Victoria Falls bridge towards the roaring waters below is not for the faint of heart, this is the go big or go home adventure.

Gorge Swing
not that your heartbeat has calmed down again but you know you only live once! The Wild Horizons Gorge Swings is another adventure-filled attraction. The swing begins with a three-second freefall down a 70m drop that then turns into a 95m pendulum swing.  The jumping ropes pivot in the middle of a 316m long high wire connecting the cliffs, 120m above the rushing Zambezi River. Yes, it's kind of like swinging on a branch over a river just this branch is attached to a canyon and the river is the racing Zambezi below!

5. White River Rafting

The Zambezi is a magnificent water source with its beauty but does not be filled it can be relentless, but this little fact allows white river rafting. But it’s not to be done lightly, the rapids are some of the best in the world but are ranked as some of the most difficult. The rapids’ names include Stairway to Heaven, Oblivion, and Commercial Suicide, which no subtle warning. It’s not jumping off a bridge but this adventure will make your heart beat faster all the same.