Chaminuka Lodge – Weekend Special Safari Package

3 days

Chaminuka Lodge – Weekend Special Safari Package
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Chaminuka is a village on a hill overlooking Lake Chitoka; it is some 10,000 acres of pristine Miombo woodland and savannah; it is the roar of the lion and the laughter of the hyena; it is the elephant, the giraffe, the zebra, the eland, the sable and all the other animals of the Zambian bush; and it is the fish eagle, the kingfisher, the ibis, the egrets, the storks, the ducks, the geese and the other migratory birds that visit its lakes for rest and recuperation during their long annual sojourns from the Antarctic to the Russian steppes and back.

It is the huge private collection of contemporary African paintings and sculpture as well as traditional artefacts - more than one thousand pieces - acquired from all over Africa over a period of 50 years. The collection spreads throughout the house, the guest suites and the gardens and highlights the African culture and way of life over the centuries.

And above all it is the people - a microcosm of Zambia, a mixture from all the tribes with many kids of all ages, and churches and schools and its own soccer team that competes with those of the farms in the area.



Things to keep in mind