Entrepreneurs of Langa bike tour

5 hours

Entrepreneurs of Langa bike tour
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Why choose the Langa bike tour?

If you're wanting to feel inspired and enlivened with a new energy, book this Langa bike tour. Today, Langa township bustles with small businesses and is giving voice to a new generation of entrepreneurs and artists. Engage with businesses and artists living in one of the many township communities considered the lifeblood of South African culture. We've made it our duty to connect you with the incredible people of Langa.

16 on Lerotholi

We have partnered with a variety of young local business owners. The first high-end township art gallery has been established by a Langa local determined to change the perceptions of Langa and to make it a must see destination for the youth of South Africa, as well as international visitors. Meet the founder!

Art for sale

This gallery has powerful art priced between R30,000- R40,000 per piece.  But don't worry if that's not in your budget. We will be visiting many other artists along the way. Take a little piece of Langa with you: let us know if you would like to pre-order an existing or new custom painting with details of your budget. Starting from R500 and upwards.

Uplift your spirit

African drums have been used since the beginning of time. They have been known to be used as a celebratory gateway to access deeper spirituality. Not to mention, they are awesome fun, and offer a fertile ground for learning. This experience will stir up your spirit!

Street Art scene

Learn about the impact of street art in this neighbourhood. Langa boasts bright art covering the walls of homes and fences of the community. Thulani, a well-known entrepreneur in Langa, headed the street art initiative back in 2015 by connecting graffiti artists and giving them a platform to express their voices. Many portraits of national icons and treasures have been painted such as Brenda Fassie, and Themba Bavuma, a South African cricketer.

Local lunch

We'll take you to a local restaurant that represents many cultures and tastes of the world. The founder was trained at an International hotel school and took his knowledge to destinations such as Dubai, Liberia and Sudan, while also working for famous restaurants in South Africa. He wants to share his love for fine dining with people in his own community and take them on a trip around the world in every course of the meal.

Hang out with business owners

We offer the opportunity for you to meet a mix of local business owners and ask them questions about the work they do and its impact on the community. We love exchanging stories and sharing the local wisdom.



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