Linduli Leisure Farm Experience

2 days

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We offer a wide range of adventures;  from the quietness found in the mountains where you can renew yourself in the greatness of nature, to the early morning beauty of dawn when you are greeted by the barking sound of the baboon look-outs, the gay sound of the twittering birds and the smell of early morning coffee.

The diversity of the plant and animal life on the farm, is a monument for the Moolmans’ strive towards eco-friendly farming. This farm is being conserved for the already born fifth generation due to their application of sustainable farming and anti-erosion policies.

Two luxury A-frame wooden houses that have awesome views across the area, were built from wood that is 100 years old. The pine trees were unrooted by a sudden, unexpected stormy wind. After the wood has undergone different processes, it was used for the building of these two huts where it found a new life.


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We meet as strangers and leave as friends!



R390, Cradock, South Africa

Things to keep in mind

Memory & Tapiwa
Memory & Tapiwa
South Africa

Linduli Lodge

When we booked Linduli Lodge for a weekend getaway we were hoping to have just a chilled weekend out of town ! Boy oh Boy did we have way more than we hoped for ! We have travelled across the breath of South Africa and this holiday ranks amongst the top of our favorites so much so that we're going to have an annual pilgrimage. From the welcome drinks and warm hospitality of Koot and Anna Marie we knew we had found our own jewel in the mountains of Cradock. There's so much history to learn which is not obvious at a glance. The hiking trails are an adventurer's dream helping you appreciate nature as God intended it to be. The meals were scrumptious and full of variety. I've a mammoth task when I get back home to maintain the status quo !

The weekend was food for our body, soul and spirit ! Thank you for having us you've definitely left a positive mark in our lives and here's to many more visits.

Baie baie dankie !

Memory and Tapiwa

Patrick Gombos & Adrian
Patrick Gombos & Adrian
South Africa

Linduli Lodge

What a blessing to find this little piece of heaven on earth. We came for 2 days and stayed for 4 ! We sat around the Bushveld TV, encircled by the two ox-wagon rims of a bygone era listening to the "sounds of silence" & "the neon lights we prayed to", were replaced by the lights of the nigh sky.

The wisdom of our host taught us a simple life lesson: it doesn't have to be perfect to be good, but WOW what a perfect experience.

We come seeking the experience & the beauty of the Karoo which we thought lay in nature only to discover that what makes the Karoo special is people like Koot & Anne-Marie

Until we meet again to feed our birds !

Patrick Gombos & Adrian