MT Kenya Day trip excursion - Lake Ellis Hike

12 hours

MT Kenya Day trip excursion - Lake Ellis Hike
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Raised about 17,000 feet above the sea level stands the snow capped Mt Kenya. It is a the second highest mountain in Africa after Mt Kilimanjaro. Situated north of equator in Meru County; 30 km away from Nanyuki. Mt Kenya is one of the pride of Africa a home to a diverse life of flora and fauna.

Climbing Mt Kenya is a ‘hard nut to crack’ as its terrain is difficult even compared to Mt Kilimanjaro. There are three peaks Nelion and Batian which are difficult to access as compared to Lenana which is easily accessible to climbers.

Mt Kenya has vast diverse ecosystem and it’s considered a world’s heritage site by UNESCO. It a home to exotic animals, plants and birds.There are 4 lakes on Mt Kenya; Lake Alice, Lake Rutundu, Lake Ellis and Lake Michaelson. On a day trip it is only possible to hike till lake Ellis. 

Transport will be provided on that day and professional mountaineering guide will be with you through out the hike.


About The Host

We are a local tour company offering immersive and insightful travel experiences. We understand our country well and want to share our rich biodiversity, culture and traditions with you and the experiences that tags along. We hope that at the end of the trip you leave inspired and empowered to be part of the global efforts to make our planet a better place and that the result of your trip helps in the protection of these critical habitat as tourism is such a crucial tool for the survival of the same when sustainably carried.

We are looking forward to travelling with you.

Things to keep in mind