MT Kenya Hike

5 days / 4 nights

MT Kenya Hike
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Find yourself whisked away from the hustle and bustle of busy city and modern day  life and entranced in the calm beauty of the Mt Kenya National Park. Sit and ponder the stillness of a sunrise at the summit of an African mountain on this magical safari journey. Experience virgin forests, view a surreal scene of towering peaks and glaciers and record amazing photographic images on your once-in-a-lifetime Hiking adventure.


About The Host

We are a local tour company offering immersive and insightful travel experiences. We understand our country well and want to share our rich biodiversity, culture and traditions with you and the experiences that tags along. We hope that at the end of the trip you leave inspired and empowered to be part of the global efforts to make our planet a better place and that the result of your trip helps in the protection of these critical habitat as tourism is such a crucial tool for the survival of the same when sustainably carried.

We are looking forward to travelling with you.


Things to keep in mind