Shipwrecks & Diamonds (3 Days)

3 days

Shipwrecks & Diamonds (3 Days)
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Join us on a three-day exploration of the Namibian central Skeleton Coast.  You will experience the rugged coastline on a drive through majestic dunes, spectacular beaches and ever-changing landscapes.  Take in scenic Sandwich Harbour, one of five  RAMSAR sites (Ramsar site no. 743) in Namibia.  Sandwich Harbour boasts two distinct wetlands and associated mudflats.  One is aquifer-fed and supports typical emergent vegetation, but is slowly disappearing due to natural causes.  The Sandwich Harbour lagoon consists of mudflats and raised shingle bars.  Wedged between the sea and the Namib Dunes, it is one of Namibia's most important coastal wetlands, supporting eight endangered species among the large numbers of wading birds.  

The Skeleton Coast claimed many ships in this area, you will view two of them:  The "Shawnee", a tug boat stranded in 1976, and the passenger/cargo ship "Eduard Bohlen" that ran aground in thick fog near Conception Bay in 1909 and now lies about 500m inland.

Much of the rich history of the area revolves around early diamond exploration.  You will visit the remains of early arriving diamond miners and settlers at Meob Bay, which served as a landing site for persons and equipment during the diamong rush at the beginning of the last century.  Many relicts from that time can still be observed.  Whale bones littering the area are testimony to the rich whale hunting around Hollamsbird island at the turn of the previous century.  

You will visit and learn about a customs office previously being a morgue in the middle of the desert at Conceptionwater nearby.  After clearing customs and immigration here, early diamond explorers proceeded to the diamond mining areas inland.  Fresh water was also pumped from here to the three diamond camps about 30kms inland.  Exploring the diamond camps Holsatia, Charlottenfelder and Grillenberger you will experience the harsh conditions early settlers and workers faced while chasing diamond riches.

Enjoy sundowners of our famous Namibian fresh oysters paired with sparkling wine atop a majestic dune or on the beach.

Accommodation is at a tented camp at Meob Bay.  Relax while we prepare dinner over the open fire.  

All bedding, breakfast, lunch and dinners are provided. 

(Please note that the exact itinerary and times may vary on account of the weather and the tides.)


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Sandwich Harbour 4x4

Sandwich Harbour 4x4

Sandwich Harbour 4x4 is an experienced tour company offering excursions into the protected oldest desert in the world - the Namib desert.  Carefully chosen, our adventures cover the rich history, the mysterious skeleton coast and the majestic dunes of the central Namibian coastal areas.


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