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Taste of Africa
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History of Yeoville

Yeoville was the place where many European migrants first settled. Back in the day, you would see many migrants from Eastern Europe. Portugal, Germany, Lebanon, UK, Italy, Greece, Ireland but most of all displaced Jews from Europe. So the inner-city of Johannesburg became a melting pot of people and cultures. This quickly changed. Learn about the vast change this area has been through and what makes it so uniquely African today. 


Take a historical guided walk down Rockey Street in Yeoville – the cultural melting pot that remains part of Johannesburg’s inner-city heartbeat. Yeoville’s “United States of Africa” will offer you an experience that will challenge your perceptions and delight your taste buds. We want to give you a blank canvas and brush so that you can paint a new picture of Johannesburg. You'll see that you don’t need to travel thousands of kilometers around the African continent to get a taste of Africa.

What type of cuisine?

Our local guide will be leading you to places like Malalahitoka for traditional Ghanaian Wat, Kifto, Injera, Pondu and Kwanga. Mama Osu will be our Nigerian stop for Akara and Killshi...just to name a few.

Reggae Bar vibes

In-house DJs play a mix of reggae and dub. Enjoy mellow live tunes while playing pool. 



Things to keep in mind