The Organic Experience

4 hours

The Organic Experience
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A Truly Organic Experience

Organic food has somewhat become an expensive option in the aisles of our grocery stores. Not to mention, food security is becoming an ever growing concern for people around the world. On this experience, you'll learn the basics of how to grow organic food, and how to become self-sustaining without having spend money. We take you on a tour of this wonderful valley and learn the rich history of the valley and where it’s going, but for the most part, you will be taken on an urban farming journey where you will understand not only the importance of eating healthy organic food, but how simple it is to start your own supply of home grown organic food. 

A Learning Experience

Re-connect with the earth and it's healing power. Learn how to start your own food garden and how to improve your health with organically grown food. You will also get to enjoy a delicious meal prepared from the produce of one of the farms we will visit on this tour. The chef, in her passion, also takes us through her journey of not only healthy eating, but how she sees it becoming a huge part of our lifestyles.

What type of cuisine?

From the earth to your belly. Come, and experience an organic meal with us.

Meet The Pro's

Interact with the farmers and learn tips and tricks directly from the growers themselves.



Things to keep in mind