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You probably have dresses you’ve been dying to show off. What if I told you, there’s a perfect place for you to look good in your dresses and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea? With its tropical savanna climate, on this vacation, jeans will be a thing of the past. Take a trip to the heart of Mozambique.

Popular tourist destination Beira, is the capital and largest city of Sofala province in Mozambique. It is situated where the Pungwe River meets the Indian Ocean in the central region of the country. This destination has perfect secluded areas offered to visitors that are looking to escape the city rush into a calmer atmosphere.

This destination is a coastal city and holds the regionally significant Port of Beira, which acts as a gateway for both the central interior portion of the country as well as land-locked Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. Originally, called the Chiveve, after a local river, it was renamed Beira to honour the Portuguese crown prince, Dom Luis Filipe, who visited the country in the early 1900s.

It was first developed by the Portuguese Mozambique Company in the 19th century, supplanting Sofala as the country’s main port. It is the second largest seaport for international cargo transportation to Mozambique after Maputo.

Beira is renowned for its quality of its fresh seafood. Take a trip to the Macuti Lighthouse, it is along the main coastal road between Beira city and the airport.

Explore the old shipwreck lying on the sand directly in front of the abandoned lighthouse. The beach was named after the lighthouse.

The heart of Beira city, the city square is a vibrant attraction and is the city’s economic hub.

Six Miles Resort is inland and offers visitors with affordable accommodation.

It has a swimming lagoon, complete with islands, as well as, a pedal boat experience. End your trip off at the Cattedrale di Nosta Signora del Rosario, and experience the peaceful atmosphere and the beautiful view of the building.This destination offers visitors with different experiences, so, start packing your dresses and head over to Beira for an adventure of a lifetime.