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Bulawayo is the second-largest city in Zimbabwe, located in Southeast Africa. The city has a population of 800 000 people and is 1700 square meters big, together with Harare this town is also a Zimbabwean province. Bulawayo was founded in 1840 by the Ndebele King.

The town has always been the industrial center of Zimbabwe, producing cars, car parts electronic products, textiles, furniture, and food products, Bulawayo is also the headquarters for the Railway of Zimbabwe. Due to Zimbabwe's struggling economy, many of the factories had to be closed resulting in job loss.

The business district is the heart of the city and towards the outskirts of the city, you will find suburbs. The population consists of the Ndebele people and the Shona people.

The country's University and technology are situated here in Bulawayo, as well as many other universities & colleges making this town the education hub of Zimbabwe as well.

The town nickname is the City of Kings due to its large industrial base, most of the Citizens belong to the Ndebele people and their language is mostly spoken.

The town also has a sporting stadium, hospital and airport.

Like many cities, you will find minimal flora in the city itself, but you will find many Aloe plants in and around the city used for medicinal purposes and these plants are water friendly and are low maintenance.

The city is home to the Hillside Dams bird sanctuary, but you won't find many mammals inside the town itself, but there are many wildlife sanctuaries around the city

The best activities to do as you travel through Bulawayo is visiting the Matobo National Park and the Chipangali wildlife orphanage all the Hillside Dams conservancy.

Accommodation in Bulawayo is very affordable with many hotels. guest houses and self-catering lodging.

The country’s currency is Zimbabwe Dollar and is equivalent to R0.04 or $0.01

The cuisine in Zimbabwe is very diverse the locals enjoy maize meal and meat stew, wild mushroom soup, and Wawha which is a traditional maize beer. But you can find game meat and traditional farm styles meals at local restaurants.

Enjoy your passing through of Bulawayo