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Chobe National Park situated in the Country of Botswana’s which borders South Africa, Chobe is the country’s first national park, but the area’s rich history goes further back than the establishment of the national park in 1967.

Natives of this area were descended from nomadic San Bushmen called the Basarwa, their rock art can still be found in some of the park’s hills. In the early 20th century the Basubia and Sekgona people also migrated to this region.

In the 1930s Sir Charles Rey, visited the Chobe River and saw the rich natural heritage the area had and proposed that the whole region be made a wildlife reserve, following the newly establish Kruger National Park in South Africa to start the movement of conservation. In 1932, 24,000km2 of land was declared a non-hunting area. The Chobe Game Reserve was officially established in 1960 and became a national park in 1967. By 1975 all industrial settlements were completely removed from the park and the park was finally exempt from all human activities. The area is covered by 90% savannah, varying from shrub savanna in the dry areas and tree savannah (trees and grass) in the wetter areas.

Chobe National Park has the largest wildlife inhabitancy in Africa, the reserve extends over an area of 10,566km2. You will find all of the big 5 in Chobe, together with the giraffes, cheetahs, hyenas, and leopards. The Banded mongoose also calls Chobe it's home.

Chobe offers the best Games Drives, this is the only way to truly see Chobe, her breath taking views, landscapes & ecosystems. One can take boat tours down the river at sunset to photograph the enormous bird species that make Chobe their home. You can also fish here and catch one of many fish species. Another way to get up and close to the bush is to take a guided walk or a village tour to experience the local culture.

Traveling to Botswana you will require a valid passport but a visa is not necessary. The local currency is Pula, 1Pula = $0.91 or R1.37.

Accommodation in the Chobe national park is pricey as the reserve is dependent on tourism, but you can experience the luxury of a private reserve and the experience is worth the cost.

The local cuisine in the Chobe Nation Park caters to worldly tastes from curries to steak and fine dining, there is something for everyone.