About Destination

Francistown is the second largest city in Botswana. Informally reffered to as the “Capital of the North”, it is situated in eastern Botswana, about 400km from the capital city of the county, Gaborone. The city is an administrative district, separated from North-East District and is administered by Francistown City Council.

Founded in 1897 as a settlement near the Monarch mine, the town was named after Daniel Francis, an English prospector from Liverpool who acquired prospecting licences in the region in 1869.

Prior to its independence, the town was Botswana’s largest commercial centre. Its economy’s major contributors are rail transport routes, mining, commerce and agriculture.

The popular tourist attraction was once the centre of the southern Africa’s first gold rush and is still surrounded by old and abandoned mines. The city is rich in arts and culture and has the Supa Ngwao Museum to show for it.

The museum boasts in its beautifully curated exhibition of the area’s history and heritage. It operates mainly on the funds received from the government. This popular tourist attraction specializes in beautifully carved pots in different colours. Not only is the trip to the museum educational but the colourful display of the pots will inspire you to start taking pot making classes.

After the museum, head over to Tachila Nature Reserve. The reserve is 5km away from central Francistown, on an old Tati company farm, Lady Mary. The reserve is aimed at protecting endangered species of the area. It’s also meant to preserve the historical heritage of Botswana.

Tuli Block consists of the largest private game reserve in the country, offering safari tourism attractions, such as; Solomon’s Wall and the Tswapong and Lepokole Hills. Travellers are encouraged to make use of the experienced tour guides that will show you indigenous sites and paintings.

Francistown offers different experiences that aren’t only affordable but are a value for your money. So, what are you waiting for? Start packing and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.