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The Free State forms part of the 9 provinces in South Africa. This destinations capital is Bloemfontein. It is the country’s judicial capital. Prior to 1995, it was called the Orange Free State. The province has rich historical origins, stemming from the Boer Republics heritage. The provinces current borders date back to 1994, when the Bantustans, who were abolished, were reincorporated into South Africa.

It is one of the 4 original provinces in the country that did not undergo any border changes. The current borders existed before the outbreak of the Boer War, between the British empire and the two independent Boer states (Orange Free State and the South African Republic). The discovery of diamond and gold in the Boer states ignited the war between the British Empire and both Boer states. Due to the British victory in the war, the Treaty of Vereeninging was signed between all parties.

Today the province boasts in 2 universities and a few popular tourist attractions.

Take a trip down memory lane at the Anglo Boer War Museum. The museum has a beautifully curated exhibition of the most important event to take place in the country’s history. Feel free to take a trip to the Free State National Botanical Garden and enjoy the gardens great picnic areas and the various bird life, with affordable rates, you can afford to take the whole family with you.

The Noval Hill offers visitors with a breath-taking view of the town below it. Take a photo with the large Nelson Mandela statue that sits at the top of the hill, as a souvenir of your visit to the town. The National Museum has exhibits of local history and palaeontology. End your trip off at the lion sanctuary, Bogamoya Wildlife Estate. The wildlife estate offers visitors with a life changing experience, to interact with the 27 lions on the estate. A trip to the museum and a chance to interact with the king of the jungle, what more could you ask for in the Free State province.