About Destination

This destination is the capital of Botswana and is one of the largest cities in the country.It has been noted to be one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The centre of the city is a long strip of businesses called “Main Mall”. So, when you are in the city and looking for some noteworthy retail therapy, the “Main Mall” is the place to be.

This popular city was founded in 1964 and named after Kgosi (chief) Gaborone of the Tlokwa tribe. The tribe was made up of Tswana people and they lived in the area that is now known as Botswana.

This popular city is located between the Kgale Hill and the Oodi Hill, near the meeting of the Notwane River and the Segoditshane River in the south-eastern corner of Botswana from the South African border.Gaborone is the county’s government and economic capital. It is the headquarters to numerous companies, including the Botswana Stock Exchange. The city is also home to the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which was established in 1980.

If you are looking at taking a walk down memory lane and discovering more about the city and its arts, the National Museum and Art Gallery is the perfect location. With its beautifully curated exhibits, from traditional crafts to works of art by local artists, you are guaranteed to be in awe by the different art on display. The different arts are an example of how the people of Gaborone use their talents to sustain their lives.

The museum officially opened in 1968 and houses exhibits from the Botswana Children’s Art Competition and Thapong International. The Museum also displays exhibits of the earliest inhabitants of Southern Africa, the San, making this also an educational trip. Your trip to the museum does not end there.

Next to the museum is a botanical garden, which was opened on the 2nd of November 2007 and was built to protect Botswana’s indigenous plant life.

Feeling too overwhelmed in the city? Take a trip to the Gaborone Game Reserve. Built in 1988, it is the 3rd busiest game reserve in Botswana. With animals ranging from ostriches, impala and gemsbok to name a few, you are guaranteed a good time away from the city rush. It is the best destination for birdwatching with birds ranging from, hornbills, snake eagles, boubou and kingfishers.

Whatever your needs, whether it is chasing the commercial hype or the quiet side of nature, Gaborone caters to all.