Gorongosa National Park

About Destination

The Gorongosa National Park offers travellers an intimate experience. The park is secluded and relies heavily on its community’s contribution to its success. It is situated on the southern end of the Great African Rift Valley in the heart of the Central Mozambique, Southeast Africa. The rift extends from Ethiopia to central Mozambique.

The valley floors and surroundings plateaus are included in the park. Rivers originating on nearby Mount Gorongosa, water the plain. The seasonal flooding and water logging of the valley creates a variety of distinct ecosystems. The plateaus contain miombo and montane forests and an amazing rain forests at the base of a series of limestone gorges. The parks wildlife was negatively impacted by the country’s civil war and floods; so much so, that the Carr Foundation/Gorongosa Restoration Project has teamed up with the Mozambican government to restore the parks ecosystem and also develop an ecotourism industry that will benefit local communities. The parks forests and savannahs are home to lions, hippos and elephants. Lake Urema and its surroundings wetlands and rivers attract a variety of water birds.

What better way, than to travel to a destination whose guides are part of its community? The feel of intimacy starts with the park’s responsibility to its community members. With the hiring of community members, who are knowledgeable of the surroundings, your experiences are guaranteed to be a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of experience.

The park offers visitors with numerous activities. Firstly, get up close and personal with the park’s wildlife through their guided safari drives. Visitors are encouraged to bring along their cameras to capture the majestic creatures. If you want to exercise your legs, the park offers a walk safari to visitors who would like to experience nature and its beauty in detail.

Visit the Gorongosa Mountain and coffee project. Meet the local farmers who farm the coffee and learn about the process of coffee making. Go on the boat safari experience on lake Urema. You get to see the numerous crocodiles, honking hippos and the variety of water birds. The park also offers visitors with a canoe safari and a scenic helicopter flight experience.

The park, not only provides affordable accommodation but also offers travellers with memorable experiences. Start packing your bags and explore the “last wild place” as described by National Geographic.