Hlane Royal National Park

Hlane Royal National Park

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Hlane Royal National Park is a national park in Swaziland, the park used to be private royal hunting grounds. Hlane, meaning 'wilderness', was named by King Sobhuza II. It is now held in trust for the Nation by His Majesty King Mswati III, and is managed by Big Game Parks, a privately owned body

The park isEswatini's largest protected park. The park and its adjacent dispersal areas cover 30,000 hectares (300 km2) of Swaziland bushveld. It is a flat lowland area, covered with ancient hardwood trees like knobthorn, leadwood, and tambuti, with some grasslands and shallow pans.

Hlane Park is home to the lion, elephant, giraffe, and white rhinoceros. Wildebeest, zebra, and impala herds are attracted to the waterholes during the dry winter months, June to September. After a long absence, cheetah populations have been reintroduced in this park.

It has an abundant birdlife, which includes the highest density of nesting white-backed vultures in Africa.  Some bird species, such as the southern yellow-billed hornbill (Tockus leucomelas) found here are either endangered or locally extinct in the country.

Visitors have many activity options at the Hlane Royal National Park like taking a guided walking safari, guided mountain biking trails, or a quad biking trail.

The accommodation varies in price from camps and lodges and clubs but it is affordable.

A full passport valid for at least three months is required for entry into Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). For tourist visits, visas are NOT required by citizens of most Commonwealth countries.

The currency of Swaziland is Swazi Lilangeni and equals R1.00 or $0.04

You can enjoy a lovely farm-to-table cuisine here with a view of the park and the sunsets.