About Destination

Looking for the perfect excuse to switch off your phone? Inhambane is the perfect reason. This popular tourist destination is also known as Terra de Boa Gente, meaning the Land of Good People. The city is situated in the southern part of Mozambique. It lies on the Inhambane Bay, about 470km northeast from Maputo. It is the capital of the Inhambane province.

The destination is renowned for its peaceful atmosphere. It is surrounded by beautiful seaside. There is an equally balanced out combination between modern local and rusting historic architecture, making it popular amongst tourist. There are two protective sandy headlands which protects the harbour and forms a sandbank.

The sister town of Maxixe is located across the bay of Inhambane. The various experiences offered to visitors will influence you to keep your phone switched off for maybe an additional month.

Take a trip to the Bazaruto Archipelago National Marine Park, as it covers a large expanse of ocean and six islands. It is the largest sea park in Africa. The destination boasts in lush tropical climate, lakes and wetlands. The park was established to protect dugong and marine turtles and their habitats.The park is a major attraction amongst tourists who would like to participate in diving and snorkelling.

The Praia do Tofo (Tofo Beach) is a popular tourist attraction. Tourists are encouraged to make a trip to the beach and enjoy the sandy beaches and the coral reefs. Make your way down to the Museu de Inhambane to learn about the country’s rich history and heritage. The Machilla Magic offers visitors a chance to shop for souvenirs, boasting with locally made African furniture. Bring out your camera and capture the statue of Vasco da Gama that overlooks the city.

Barra Beach is home to various beach resorts, private vacation homes, restaurants and diving charters. Snorkelling is a popular tourist attraction, below the Barra Lighthouse. Scuba diving is popular in locations such as the Manta Reef and Gallaria.

The sea life boasts in various sea creatures such as, giant manta rays, whale sharks and turtles, to name a few. You won’t regret having your holiday in this particular destination as it offers travellers various affordable experiences that won’t break you bank.