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Lake Malawi National Park is situated in the country of Malawi, in southeast Africa. The sole purpose of this park is to protect fish and aquatic life in the Malawi national park. The lake includes a foreshore, healed, and multiples small rocky islands. The Lake was dedicated to a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1984, due to its fish biodiversity. The local Mbuan fish is evolving at work, the park also provides a beautiful landscape which is set of but the blue waters of the lake.

The lake was formed millions of years ago; the constant fluctuation of the water levels has given a breeding ground to the ever-evolving Mbuna fish otherwise known as the cichlids. There are many speculations as to how many Mbuna species can be found here but it is estimated to be around 700 different species, all of which are endemic. The park also homes the Chakma baboons, vervet monkeys, bushbucks, klipspringers, and many other mammals, one can also find crocodiles, fish eagles, and many bird species here.

Mopane is the largest species of plant life in the park, the park sports a host of flora.

Lake Malawi National park has many activities but scuba diving the lake is a must to see the aquatic life that is so special to the park, snorkelling can also be done around the many islands that surround the lake.Other water sports include wakeboarding, tubing, and kayaking. You can take a hike through the park and take in some bird viewing, or take a safari drive to view the animal life here in the park.The parks lodges offer spa treatment and dinner under the stars.

Lake side relaxing in the sun is done in style with rock cabanas and cocktails to enjoy on hot summer days.

Accommodation between the park's lodges is affordable and very luxurious.Malawian people traditionally enjoy fish, tomatoes & onion salad, bread topped with bananas, and much more home-grown fresh fruit & veg. But lodges cater to every cuisine taste you might have.

To visit Malawi, you will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months and a visa. The Malawian currency is Kwacha and is cost R0.20 or $0.02

Lake Malawi National Park is a place for rest.