Majete Wildlife Reserve

About Destination

The Majete Wildlife reserve is situated in Malawi, in southeast Africa. The reserve was established in 1955 but was only a dedicated wildlife sanctuary in 2002. In the 11970’ & 1980’ poaching was rife & the charcoal mining industry almost decimated the wildlife in the area and by 1992 the last Elephant was killed by poachers, that is when Malawi ‘s department of Nation Parks stepped in and by 2013 the park was fenced off and patrolled 24/7. The local communities were also upgraded to give all-around better living conditions to the wildlife & the human population in the area. The park employee’s locals and upskills them to rangers, the park now has 140 full-time rangers. And the park's conservation efforts have been successful since 2003 no Rhino’s or Elephants have been poached.

The park has a woodlands ecosystem making it the perfect breeding ground for a host of animals. The park was also Malawi’s first to home all 5 of the Big 5 Animals. In 2012 a non-profit organization reintroduced Lions into the park.There are a host of smaller wildlife, birdlife & monkeys to be found at the park.

The park has repopulated Rhino, Elephants, Giraffes & lions since their anti-poaching efforts were introduced.

The park has many wonderful activities on offer. Game drives to see the endangered Black Rhino & Elephant population. Walking safaris to spot all wildlife, Boat Safaris to see the animals at the water sources around the park. You can even take a self-drive safari around the park at your leisure. The park has taken a lot of bad turned itself into an oasis for endangered wildlife for you to find.

The accommodation at the park's lodges varies in price but it is affordable.

To visit Malawi, you will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months and a visa. The Malawian currency is Kwacha and is cost R0.20 or $0.02

Just like the rest of Malawi fresh fruit & veg are served at the lodges, the Sumu (tomato & onion salad) is a well-known accompaniment to many dishes. Thobwa (beer) is also served.

When you choose to visit the park make sure that you take a moment to reflect on how far the park has come to be the oasis it is today.