Malolotja Nature Reserve & Phophonyane Falls

Malolotja Nature Reserve & Phophonyane Falls

About Destination

Malolotja Nature Reserve forms part of the Malolotja National Park in the heart of Swaziland, which is bordered by South Africa on all sides. The nature reserve covers 44 000 acres of mountains on Eswatini’s northwestern border with South Africa. The park's most magnificent features theNgwenya Mountain, Eswatini's second-highest mountain (1,829 m), and Malolotja Falls which drop 89 meters (292 ft), the highest in Eswatini.The landscape is made up of short grassland to thick riverine scrub, bushveld, and Afromontane forest.

Malolotja National Park adjoins the Songimvelo Game Reserve in South Africa, and together they form the Songimvelo-Malolotja Transboundary Protected Area or Peace Park, which in turn is part of the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area.

The Phophonyane Falls Nature Reserve is a magical, 600 ha large nature reserve and tourist destination near Piggs Peak, Eswatini. Footpaths through the Gobolondlo forest reach magical watercourses which lead to the main attraction of the reserve - the 80 m majestic Phophonyane Falls. Some of the oldest rocks in the world, dated at 3.55 billion years, are to be found at the waterfall.

Malolotja National Park Animals is home to a vast amount of wildlife you can spot zebra, wildebeest, reedbuck, blesbok, red, oribi, leopard, serval, aardwolf, jackal, and bushpig. The Natal ghost frog, plaintive rain frog, and the gray's stream frog are native to Eswatini, South Africa, and Lesotho. In Eswatini they have only been found in Afromontane mist belt forest. The Park is also home to blue cranes, sunbirds, and sugarbirds. The park also has a host of flora that the wildlife thrives on.

With such a vast landscape the activities available atMalolotja Nature Reserve & Phophonyane Falls Nature Reserve is plentiful. Go horseback riding through the forest and the plains. For a bit of adventure take a canopy tour as you zipline through the mountains and forests and experience the surrounding from another vantage point. Game & Safari drives and hiking trails are also available. But the one thing you must do here is to visit the waterfall and take in its magic

Accommodation Phophonyane Falls Ecolodge and Nature Reserve is a unique experience as each unit is individually woven into the lush fabric of tall sub-tropical forest, and there is no place at the lodge where the soothing sound of the running water isn`t heard.

A full passport valid for at least three months is required for entry into Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). For tourist visits, visas are NOT required by citizens of most Commonwealth countries.

The currency of Swaziland is Swazi Lilangeni  and equals R1.00 or $0.04

Cuisine can be enjoyed at the lodge`s renowned restaurants, where healthy home-cooked meals and fine wines are served as you take in the magic of the surroundings.