Matobo Hills

About Destination

Mathobo Hill National Park is situated in the country of Zimbabwe, in southeast Africa. A park with granite hills just 35 km outside Bulawayo. Over 2 billion years ago granite was forced to the surface and eroded to leave behind these majestic hills. The Venda people are indigenous people of this land, the National Park covers 424 square kilometers, and the hills 3100 square kilometers. The National Park also has a 100 square kilometer game park, which is home to the endangered white rhinoceros.

The Mathobo national park is Zimbabwe's oldest park and wasn't established in 1926. As the sun rises and falls on these hills there is something magical just being here in nature.

The national park was dedicated to a world heritage site in 2003 by UNESCO due to its huge granite shield which covers most of Zimbabwe.

The hills have a diverse ecosystem with over 200 species of tree,s many aloe species and 100 grass species grow here. These hills are also home to 275 bird species, 88 mammal species 39 snake species, and 16 fish species.

The park is also a conservation reserve for the black and the white endangered rhinoceros. The National Park also is home to the highest concentration of black Eagles and these birds breed here.

There are many activities to do in and around the National Park, take a walk alongside the Maleme Dam or take up some fishing or take a boat ride on the dame to enjoy sundowners. You could also go hiking in the hill and visit the caves to see the rock art made by the forefathers of the native people. Horse-riding is also a favorite activity here.

Accommodation prices are dependent on where you choose to stay, there are options from luxury camps to budget-friendly safari tents.

The country’s currency is Zimbabwe Dollar and is equivalent to R0.04 or $0.01

The cuisine in Zimbabwe is very diverse the locals enjoy maize meal and meat stew, wild mushroom soup, and Wawha which is a traditional maize beer. But you can find game meat and traditional farm styles meals at local restaurants.

Come and experience these majestic mountains.