About Destination

Moremi Game Reserve is a protected area in Botswana. Located on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta, it is the perfect location to get away from the city noise. The popular vacation destination was named after Chief Moremi of the Batawana tribe.

The nature reserve boasts in its magnificent view of nature. You are not only in the middle of nature but have an opportunity to experience it in full. The popular tourist attraction was first created to be a game reserve rather than a national park. This meant that the Basarwa tribe that lived there were allowed to live in the area.

It was proclaimed a reserve in 1963.

Chief Moremi’s widow, who was ruling the area at the time, took steps to preserve the wildlife, due to her concern about the negative impact hunting had on the animal population.

In 1970, Chief Moremi’s Royal Hunting Grounds were included into the reserve to further expand it.

The reserve offers travellers the opportunity to explore nature, not only in a 4x4 truck but also on foot. There are hiking trails around the reserve, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with nature. Game viewing is at its peak from July to October. So, check your calendar and plan accordingly for an experience of a lifetime.

The reserve ranges with a variety of affordable luxury safari lodges. Exclusivity in this case, does not have to break your bank. The reserve is a popular destination for the self-drive camper. Get the family ready and go on a road trip.

The wildlife ranges from water birds to shy forest dwellers. The area has a massive elephant population, particular in the dry seasons.

The reserve offers visitors value for their money with their different experiences. Reading about exploring new places will always be fascinating, now here’s your chance to write your own book. Enjoy!