Ponta Do Ouro

About Destination

Vacations are all about switching off your phone and disappearing for a few days. Depending on how busy your life gets, maybe a few months. Ponta do Ouro allows you to disappear without a trace, into a safe heaven, where your phones notifications aren’t allowed. The only way the outside world can reach you is through a letter in a bottle. Sound good? Start packing.

This popular tourist destination is known as Ponta d’Oura in English, meaning “tip of gold”, in reference to an existing cape of the southern part of the beach. The town is in the extreme south of Mozambique Channel south of Maputo and just north of the border with South Africa.

It is renowned for its sandy beaches, its dolphins, and for its offshore diving and deep-sea diving. The town is secluded and can be reached with a 4x4 vehicle, as there are no tarred roads.

This destination offers visitors with a local market where fresh bread, vegetables and fruits can be purchased. There are several modern and affordable resorts in Porta on the beachfront and surrounding areas. There are facilities secluded away from the town. These facilities are perfect for escaping the city rush.

Now that your phone’s on airplane mode, lets go explore.

Start off with a rip to the Dolphin Encountours Research Center, it is an experience offered to visitors to interact with the friendly creatures. The fun does not end there; visitors are offered an opportunity to whale watch. Don’t forget your camera to capture the moment.

Kaya Kweru Resort offers affordable accommodation and guess what? Its close to the beach.

Coconut View Resort boasts in lovely sea views of the ocean and is a 5 minutes’ drive to the beach.

This destination will make you question getting back to reality. Hold off on switching on your network for a moment and enjoy your surroundings for one more week. Enjoy!