About Destination

Tofo is a small town in the south-eastern part of Mozambique. This popular tourist destination is situated on the Indian Ocean coast, on Barra Beach peninsula in Inhambane province, Jangamo District. The destinations geographical location allows the beach an opportunity to boast in magnificent sea life. The beach is the country’s major tourist attraction, with visitors being drawn to its vibrant culture, its nightlife and its long Indian Ocean beachfront.

A resident ecological centre for local sea life has been created by various hotels in the area to manage and guide tourism. They pride themselves in offering visitors an experience of a lifetime, so, your trip is in perfectly good hands.

The town, before becoming an international tourist hub, was a small coastal fishing village. The town consists of; a small vegetable and African market, 4 diving centres, horse riding stables, numerous bars and restaurants and various affordable accommodation facilities to help make your stay in the town more than memorable.

What would your vacation in Tofo be without experiencing the tourist industry’s main attraction? Experience the beaches permanent sea life creatures, the manta rays and whale sharks.Visitors are encouraged to go on a boat ride to have an up-close and personal view of the majestic creatures. With the creatures being permanent residence of the destination’s waters, you are guaranteed to catch them on any given time that you decide to go on your vacation.

Various diving centres offer visitors snorkelling trips to swim with the whale sharks and diving trips to see the manta rays. Dives are below 20 meters. The beach is also popular amongst bathers and surfers, as it runs from a rocky point in the south.

The beaches geographical location allows visitors to explore its renowned coral reefs, with scuba diving experiences. Barra Beach offers visitors beach bars, dive shops and thatched lodges near the beach. Tofo Beach is waiting for you to leave your footprint on its shore. Enjoy!