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Victoria waterfalls the world's biggest waterfall, it is situated in the country of Zimbabwe in southeast Africa. The waterfall is 1900 m wide and 805 m in the drop, the drop alone would kill anyone should they fall off. The waterfall's nickname is the Smoke that Thunders, named so by the native's people by the smoked and thundered created as the water rushes the edge.

The waterfall makes up part of the Zambezi River. Like most of Namibia and Zimbabwe, the waterfalls were discovered by the Germans, but little did they know that these treacherous waters would be impossible to navigate. To this day area remains untouched by the human hand due to its relentless force.Livingston once wrote this about the falls" the beauty of it for anything witnessed and it has never been seen before so lovely as angels in their flight"

Many artists have tried to capture the beauty of the falls in a painting, but nothing does it justice one can only behold it in person. The waterfall received its name after Queen Victoria the first. The waterfall is home to indigenous fauna and Flora, the rainforest flora that thrives around the falls false is dependant on the mist that the falls create, which creates ran. The rainforest below the falls is a wonderland filled with palms, hanging vines, creepers, and a rich variety of moss the covers the forest floor.

The falls and the surrounding area are a breeding ground for animals, you will find giraffes buffaloes, and even lions in the surrounding national parks. the South African cheetahs are only occasionally seen but they love the environment here.

The Zambezi River that feeds the waterfall is home to over 39 species of fish, and fishing in the Zambezi is very popular.

Victoria Falls has many Adventures and activities available like bungee jumping at the actual falls or White Water river rafting down the Zambezi River for the Adventure Seekers. Helicopters and microlight flights are also available over Falls, and these flights are called, the flight of angels!

You can also swim on the edge of the Victoria Falls in Devil's pool, if you are not an adventure seeker and want to stay on the safer side of Life, take a slow and easy canoe ride down the river or abseil at the Falls. Bu the most whimsical activity is taking a sunset boat cruise above the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River.

Accommodation at Victoria Falls can be pricey, but with a bit of research, you could find something in your budget.

The country’s currency is Zimbabwe Dollar and is equivalent to R0.04 or $0.01

The cuisine in Zimbabwe is very diverse the locals enjoy maize meal and meat stew, wild mushroom soup, and Wawha which is a traditional maize beer. But you can find game meat and traditional farm styles meals at local restaurants

Victoria Falls is majestic she's a force of nature that shouldn't be taken lightly well she's a magical place to be.