About Destination

This popular tourist destination, formally known as Vilankulo, is a coastal town in Mozambique. It is situated in the Vilanculos District of the Inhambane province.

The town was named after local tribe chief Gamela Vilankulo Mokeko and some of the suburbs (bairros) are named after his sons. During colonial times the city was known as Vilanculos but changed its name to Vilankulo after its independence. Today, the district is called Vilanculos and the town is called Vilankulo.

The towns tourist industry has been growing over the decade due to various investments made. The way visitors experience the town is a priority when these investments are made. The town is a gateway to the archipelago. Helicopters and boats travel between the town and the Bozaruto Archipelago. The town is only 5km long. It is home to a new international airport with affordable flights coming in from different countries.

The towns geographical location only means that visitors are spoiled for choice with different water activities to experience. For starters, the Vilanculos Canoe Safari, offers visitors an opportunity to explore the Govuro Wetlands and Waterways. The Govuro Spring River produces inland fresh water and its not connected to the sea.

The river has birdlife ranging from, black crake, purple, gallinule, African darter, river warbles, king fishers, eagles and herons to name a few. Visitors are encouraged to bring along their cameras to capture these majestic creatures. Evening trips are offered to visitors as an opportunity to experience the fireflies, numerous stars and great sunsets. Head over to the Chibuene archaeological site for a history lesson on its beads and ceramics.

The town boasts in various affordable accommodations, making your stay in the town comfortable and memorable.

The popular tourist destination is an ideal vacation getaway for family and friends. It is secluded from the city rush, leaving you with no choice but to switch off your phone and enjoy your surroundings.