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Is Zambezi national park is located in the country of Zimbabwe, in southeast Africa? It is just upstream from the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, it is now an independent National Park Falls, since 1979. The park is split into two sections on one side of a divining road is the Kazungula and on the other side the Chamabonda Vlei. The Zambezi river. The park is mostly Zambian woodlands.

The park is host to a wide variety of large mammals as well as smaller mammals and home to the big 5, over 400 bird species call the park home. Besides the bird and the land animals, there are also many fish species to be found in the park.

The park is one of the smaller parks inside Zimbabwe and is perfect for a day trip from Victoria Falls. You can find buffalo, zebras, and impala here in the park.

The park has a rainforest ecosystem due to the Zambezi water source. And many species of flora thrive here along the river, downstream to the Victoria waterfalls.

The park is small but it offers many activities, mostly being water-related like taking a pontoon boat ride for the afternoon tea or sundowners in the late afternoon. Or a dinner boat ride, to see the afternoon sunset turn into a night sky full of stars. You can even enjoy a lunch on the sandbanks of the Zambezi with the cool water rushing ever so slightly over your feet. Of course there are also Safari and game drives, hiking and guided walking safaris.

Accommodation inside the Zambezi National Park can be expensive but visiting out of seaso n is more affordable.

The country’s currency is Zimbabwe Dollar and is equivalent to R0.04 or $0.01

The cuisine in Zimbabwe is very diverse the locals enjoy maize meal and meat stew, wild mushroom soup, and Wawha which is a traditional maize beer. But you can find game meat and traditional farm styles meals at local restaurants.

Take a boat trip and experience the majestic park