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Long walk down white beaches, the Indian ocean lapping at your feet… Sounds like a dream from another tropical island, but Zanzibar is found just off the coast of East Africa and is part of the country of Tanzania.

The Island was a base for tradesmen sailing around Africa. During the Age of Exploration, the Portuguese Empire was the first European power to gain control of Zanzibar and kept it for nearly 200 years. In 1698, Zanzibar fell under the control of the Sultanate of Oman, which developed an economy of trade and cash crops, with a ruling Arab elite and a Bantu general population. Plantations were developed to grow spices; hence, the moniker of the Spice Islands.

The wildlife in Zanzibar consists of terrestrial and marine fauna. But Zanzibar famous for its abundance of reef fish and a large variety of small marine life. Sea creatures such as nudibranch, leaf fish, frogfish, crocodile fish, sea horse, mantis shrimp, octopus, are very common to spot.

Zanzibar is not only known for its white beaches. The red mangrove is a tropical tree with a unique appearance. It has the potential to grow into a large tree and is considered valuable throughout the world. Coconut palm trees can be found throughout the coastline and in areas near tidal pools. They are mostly known for their tasty seeds but they are a delicacy for many animals as well as for people. The oil and milk from coconuts are a commodity, and coconut palms form an important habitat for many types of birds and provide cover from enemies for various mammals.

Zanzibar has a host of activities to choose from. Spend some town in Stone Town which is Tanzania's capital or visit the last indigenous forest left in Zanzibar. Catch some sun on the world-famous Nungwi beach or Visit Pirate Island!

Accommodation in Zanzibar varies in price, but you can find something to suit your budget. Gastronomy is inspired by the tropical surrounds, with fresh meals as well as Indian-inspired curries and of course seafood!

Zanzibar truly is a fusion of African meets exotic island, why not explore it for yourself.