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The Serengeti is a protected area in Tanzania, within a region that includes approximately 30,000 km2 (12,000 sq mi) of land, including the Serengeti National Park and several game reserves. The Serengeti hosts the world's second-largest mammal migration, which is why it is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, and one of the ten natural travel wonders of the world. The Serengeti renowned for its large lion population and is one of the best places to observe pride in their natural environment.

The wildlife in The Serengeti comes second to none. It boasts with the annual wildebeest migration, when some 8 million hooves cross the open plains, as more than 1,500,000 wildebeest, 200,000 zebra, and 300,000 Thomson's gazelle join the trek for fresh grazing. Predators follow the migration and sightings of big cats hunting is particularly exciting.

Fauna in the Serengeti comprises many large tracts of plains, woodlands, and riverine forests. The Sausage Tree is the largest and can be found along dry river beds, Fig Trees can also be found in the Serengeti National Park. These are just a few of the mesmerizing flora that grows in this unique ecosystem.

The Serengeti also has magic, it offers so many wonderful experiences. You can start with a sunset safari as the wildlife comes to the watering holes to end off their day. Then start your day with a hot air balloon ride over the magnificent landscape which offers Magnificent views. Visit the Grumeti River and if possible, book your stay to coincide with the Great Migration and be part of one of nature's most fascinating activities.

Accommodation in The Serengeti will depend on where you decide to take your tour, but there are many options from game lodges to Tented Safari Camps there is something for every taste.

The plains of the Serengeti will have you transported into another world. Book a safari in Tanzania now with inAfrica.