Jozi By Night Food and Drink Tour

8 hours

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Our tour starts at Sandton city next the statue of the great Nelson Mandela. it is here where you are going to meet your guide. you will then catch the country fastest train to the main city, the old city where our tour is taking place

A 20-minute stroll through the streets of Johannesburg will reveal historic statues from the gold mining era, diverse street art and brutalist vs art deco architecture intermingling amongst the urban sprawl. Your guide will give you the lowdown on the city’s origins and history as we walk. 

The cultural neighborhood of Braamfontein is our destination. Meaning blackberry fountain, it was named after the farm that was originally founded here. The area has undergone an impressive urban renewal process over the past two decades and is now the best place in the city for food, fashion and nightlife. 

Time to fill up on local food. We’ll stop at one of our favorite little places to enjoy platters of traditional South African food such as Cape Malay Bobotie, Indian Curry Bunny Chow, fat cake, and more. We will also taste some local desserts such as grilled pineapple with Indian spices, and cookie dough cupcakes filled with Amarula. Lubricating proceedings will be a choice of uniquely crafted (and named) beverages ranging from cocktails to beers and gin, depending on your preference. During your meal your guide will chat about life in Johannesburg, answer any questions you have about the city and provide you with suggestions on what else to see and do. 

After filling our bellies (and they will be full, we can promise you that!) we’ll whisk you off to our next bar of the evening, a historic affair that boasts of being the second oldest watering hole in the city. Here we’ll enjoy another bevvy and continue to chat about the city’s fascinating history, from colonial occupation to apartheid and beyond. 

If you’re loving the historic vibe, we can stay here for another drink or we can move on to a third bar if you’re hankering for a change of scene.  Your tour ends at 8pm but that doesn’t mean the adventure has to stop there. We would thoroughly recommend that if you’re able, to book accommodation for the night in this area so you can party into the wee hours. It’s an especially good idea on a Friday night because then you can wake up to the legendary Neighbourhood Food Market, a must-do experience that happens to hide a wealth of effective hangover cures! If this isn’t possible, your guide will be more than happy to help you figure out the best way to get back to your accommodation.

About the Host


I am Andile born in rural South Africa, but have lived in Johannesburg my whole life. Before I became a culture and wildlife guide, I was a mountain guide in the Drakensberg Mountain. I love my country and would like to show you around.



Johannesburg, South Africa

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